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Books (list updated February 15th)

I have been reading some books this week, and today I am going to a used book sale, so when I come back, I might have some new good reads on my hands.

Books I have read this week:

100 Cupboards- Got it at a Barnes and Noble one day. It was about a boy Henry, who moves in with his Aunt and Uncle in Henry, Kansas. (Ha!) His parents have been kidnapped and he lives with his cousins for a bit. One night, in his room, he hears a scratching at the wall. He knows its his first night in a new house so everything sounds scary. But when he wakes up he has plaster all over him, and two doorknobs have mysteriously appeared. And one of them seems to be turning…

He breaks all the plaster and finds 99 cupboard doors, all different. Henry and his cousin, Henrietta (the author must’ve loved the name Henry…) find out these cupboards are actually portals to another world. 😉 I found it was hard to put down. I actually got in trouble at school for reading it during class. :mrgreen:

The Doll People- An adorable story, great for younger kids. It was so cute. I actually finished it in one day. About these cute old fashioned dolls, who come to life when their owner, Kate, leaves the house. They have gone through generations of the family, and are very old. The little girl doll, Annabelle, has been wondering about her long lost Auntie Sarah, who has been gone ever since Kate’s mom was born. But, she gets distracted when Kate’s sister, Nora, gets her own Dolls, The Funcrafts. She meets a spunky family of plastic dolls, and meets a new Best friend, Tiffany Funcraft. Annabelle thinks Tiffany might be able to help her find Auntie Sarah…
Sequel- The Meanest Doll In the World.

Missadventures of the Royal Runaways- This is a story about an “ex-princess” Meg, a delivery gnome, and fairies. Meg, A.K.A. “Nutmeg Herbina Spicea Frank Tanopolis.” She wanted to escape the rules and mean nicknames of being a princess.

It was Written by Izzy Neis, and to read more, go to


3 Responses to “Books (list updated February 15th)”

  1. Can you make me one? i want it to say Lil Layster & RubyBlew

    I want it to be a suprise!


  2. Darkcutie said

    ooh,i like the sparkles and the brown and oink stripes,also the one under that.The,uhhh…..spoty one.

  3. can you make one for me that says: Webkinz
    that would definitely be THE best

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