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Hello Kitty Online Goes into Beta today!

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 13, 2008

Hong Kong – February 12, 2008: Sanrio Digital ( today announced the closed beta launch of “Hello Kitty Online”, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the famous Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty Online allows players to explore and adventure in Sanrio’s fantasy world, a magical land that has recently fallen under the influence of a mysterious and malevolent power.

Ooh! A new virtual world for girls, maybe even a few boys. Sounds good to me, right?

I mean, it isn’t one of those violent monster fighting games, but there is places where you can fight monsters too, for the boys. For girls, there are other tasks, like Farming, fishing, gardening and more.

The little cities are very cute, the world is very colorful, and the characters are adorable.

My favorite feature is the little Angels you can watch over. x)

There are these cute animals, called Angels you watch out for. As you take care of them, and feed them, and love them, they grow up to be– Whatever they become, depends on how you raise them. They start out as something that may look like a piece of round dough, and they grow up to look like animals.

The can talk to your favorite characters, like Hello Kitty, her sister Mimi, or her mom and dad. Also characters like My Melody will be in the game too.

I suggest, that if you are a colorful, MMORPG virtual world fan, go here and try it out. It isn’t released yet but will be soon.

Hello Kitty Online


One Response to “Hello Kitty Online Goes into Beta today!”

  1. Gina said

    Does anyone know when Hello Kitty Online comes out, because I have been waiting for it for almost two years, but the website looks like it is finished but just not released yet.
    Please reply!
    I know exactly what you mean! They said on other sites it got released in 2005! Must’ve been a mistake.
    No one knows exactly when it is coming out, but if you check the website, it seems like it should be out soon enough!
    Thanks for visiting Gina,

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