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Archive for February 10th, 2008

Disney comes out with new VWs

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 10, 2008

For Disney, a virtual world such as “Pirates” pays dividends beyond the potential subscription revenue. It keeps fans of the movie franchise interacting with the characters and primed for the next chapter in the “Pirates” epic, be it a film, a game or merchandise.Drafting in the game’s wake is the “Disney Fairies,” set in Tinker Bell’s virtual world of Pixie Hollow. For now, players can go online to create their own fairy. Later this year, their fairy will be able to take wing in the virtual neighborhood of Neverland, which builds anticipation for the direct-to-DVD film, “Tinker Bell,” due out next fall.Also in development is a virtual world inspired by Pixar’s “Cars,” in which players create and customize cars and follow in the tire tracks of Lightning McQueen, who races in pursuit of the fictional Piston Cup.

Daily News Online Article

I absolutely LOVE Disney Fairies. The cute little flower design clothes, and leaf shoes make it so cute. As for the Pirates, it seems fun for the kind of kids who like those fighting MMORPGs. I don’t really like those, but since it’s Pirates, and Disney, it must not be that terrible.
The Cars one sounds cool for both girls and boys. Or maybe just Boys. Or maybe just Girls. Who knows?
It seems like Disney hasn’t really done anything we all hoped with Club Penguin.
I read some comments that some kids hope Disney will make even greater parties, with maybe even a Mickey Mouse ear hat as a free item. They never did any of this stuff. So far, we have had the same parties as last year, and Rockhopper’s ship crashed again. This all happened last year. The surprise party, which was a western party, free item was maracas, and the pirate penguin’s ship crashing.
Maybe the only new thing that made was the Stage.
I had to say I was disappointed. But, maybe Disney will come out and really bring the EXCITEMENT! WOO!

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