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R.I.P Gothrocker… *rolls eyes*

Posted by doodlegurl24 on January 15, 2008

Ok so here is what is going on. Someone names Gothrocker has been telling me my site stinks over and over again becuase I never edit it. Well, I am sorry to tell you gothrocker, but I have a life.

Also, now someone who is using gothrocker’s account is saying that the real Gothrocker is dead, and she is her best friend, darkcutie.

Do you think I am actually going to believe that?

Comment by Darkcutie a while ago on the page, Internet Insider.

Hey!!!Its me gothrocker!Im changing my name is darkcutie….
Doodlegurl24!!!!I got a webkinz doll for a early christmas prenst!!!!
Whats your webkinz name user???!!Btw ur site stinks because u havent pposted!!!!:( sorry… offence but….
*nods head slowly**Sorry….My name is…… darkcutie….Thats my webkinz name!And my brothers is…. skatergreenboy .

Comment by Gothrocker on the post, Merry Christmas:

who is gothrocker??Im not gothrocker…im darkcutie…aka second name, darkhotte,gothrocker died…i no i pass.

Hey u have so many hitz and i only have 687!!My site sucks..And gothrocker doesnt have a life so…thx for ur advice but i cant tell gothrocker to get a life..cus she is history she is dead!!

Don’t try and lie to me on my own site.

And it prolly isn’t very smart asking for peoples email. Especially since I didn’t want you to know my email. But now you are blocked, and I got a new one anyway. My mom doesn’t like some stranger talking to me on email thank you very much.


4 Responses to “R.I.P Gothrocker… *rolls eyes*”

  1. Socool said

    Like OMG guess what?
    My blogs back and better than ever! Woooo!

    Sweet! I missed you SoCool! *attacks with hug*

  2. javallama said

    Hey everyone! Coem to my site and vote for your favorite animal! Dont let Mr. Eatfuzz down!

  3. darkhotte said

    People get on my nerves! Espeliy now becuase i have 3 boy bullys who punch me and kick me after school in the hallway! So i have to run! And now someone hacked into my whyville acc just this morning!!! Im still crying! I cant get over it! I know who it is! …natalie…natnat10. ugh, I just want my whyville account back! The email says my pass changed to tagteam but i tryed and it doesnt work! Its all becuase of that hacking site. im trying to make it better and trying to make it a non- hacking place for hackers but i end up in a circle of diaster!!!

  4. darkhotte said

    So sorry, and who was the stranger? Oh…beth?… she is very emintiol. I try to stay away from her. I got anew email btw,

    Nice, but sometimes it’s not a good idea to post your email on the internet. People can send viruses and stuff like that to it. Or even just spam but even that is annoying. :mrgreen: It’s your choice though, so I won’t edit it out. I can if you want me to.

    I like Avril too. 😉

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