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The Internet Insider

Posted by doodlegurl24 on November 30, 2007

Get them while the news is still new!


My new workers will be here soon. If you want a job, comment me and I will tell you which jobs are available.

copyright 2007


p.s. If you want me to deliver these to your website for your viewers to see, just tell me and I will deliver them.


6 Responses to “The Internet Insider”

  1. can I have a job

  2. Darkcutie said

    Hey!!!Its me gothrocker!Im changing my name is darkcutie….
    Doodlegurl24!!!!I got a webkinz doll for a early christmas prenst!!!!
    Whats your webkinz name user???!!Btw ur site stinks because u havent pposted!!!!:( sorry… offence but….
    *nods head slowly**Sorry….My name is…… darkcutie….Thats my webkinz name!And my brothers is…. skatergreenboy .

    i sum times play on his to help him out a bit or sum thing.
    Yeah um no offense at all. And I woud prefer not giving out my webkinz username.

    Ok what job did you want?


  5. Hey,Doodlegurl24 Wanna be frendz? Im a boy on cp. Are u a girl on cp? My name on cp is pink lemnaid.” I have 3 pufflez”.”How many pufflez do u have? or do u have any pufflez”? “I have 100 buddiez How many buddiez do u have Doodlegurl24”? “Thankz”! “see ya on cp”!
    Ok…Sure. Uh . you like to talk, huh?

  6. darkhotte said

    … *wispers to dooldegurl24*[He likes you] Lol.

    I dont need a job, i already direct like 5 websites and most are abandoned.

    im gothalina in that comminutiy

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