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Happy birthday to me!

Posted by doodlegurl24 on November 13, 2007

Today is my lucky birthday!

I turn 13 on the 13th! But, of course, I have parent conferences today. Wahoo.

But, my Mom is taking me out to breakfast! We are going to IHOP. I wish my dad didn’t have to work. It was kinda funny. The only one who woke me up in the morning to say Happy birthday, was my dog, Max. He smothered me with kisses, and he kept giving me his paw (but he does that all the time) So thank you Maxie.

Of course, my mom was in the shower, my dad at work and my sister asleep, but still. 🙂


p.s. I know my headers look crappy sometimes. Theyre fine when they are .bmp but when I change them to .jpg, the turn out like that. All blurry


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