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Halloween ’07

Posted by doodlegurl24 on November 1, 2007

Yesterday was Halloween! I got tons of candy! How about you? There was this house on my street, and they gave us 2 king size candy bars! I got snickers, and Twix! My favorite candy is Twix. I just love caramel, and the cookies in it give it a crunch! My school team had a Halloween party. We had a fashion show, and roxy1717 won! She was an invisable man for halloween! It was funny. She got crowned queen! and a kid who dresses as Alfalfa from the little rascals, won king.  It was cool.

 Happy Halloween!


p.s. write about ur halloween either on this post, or on the holidays page. 😉


One Response to “Halloween ’07”

  1. puppyscruffy said

    Yummmmmm! I love caramel! So i love 100000 bars. those are my favorite!

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