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New location:

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 17, 2008

I have moved to blogspot. Trying something new for a change.

If I don’t like it, I might move back.

Oh well.

Here’s the link:

My Computer


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This is driving me crazy. . .

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 16, 2008

This Hello Kitty World is driving me insane!

I mean, all this time they have updated their website, made new screenshots, but I haven’t hear anything about them actually working on the game itself!

I have been going back to the official site, and I have only seen updates on the home page, or the about page, or new screenshots. Nothing about what they’re doing to build the game.

Alot of people have been waiting for this game, (I for one have been waiting for two years) and haven’t hear any news about what they are doing to help the game.

If you hear anything, please tell me.

Thanks. 😉

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Hello Kitty Online Goes into Beta today!

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 13, 2008

Hong Kong – February 12, 2008: Sanrio Digital ( today announced the closed beta launch of “Hello Kitty Online”, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the famous Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty Online allows players to explore and adventure in Sanrio’s fantasy world, a magical land that has recently fallen under the influence of a mysterious and malevolent power.

Ooh! A new virtual world for girls, maybe even a few boys. Sounds good to me, right?

I mean, it isn’t one of those violent monster fighting games, but there is places where you can fight monsters too, for the boys. For girls, there are other tasks, like Farming, fishing, gardening and more.

The little cities are very cute, the world is very colorful, and the characters are adorable.

My favorite feature is the little Angels you can watch over. x)

There are these cute animals, called Angels you watch out for. As you take care of them, and feed them, and love them, they grow up to be– Whatever they become, depends on how you raise them. They start out as something that may look like a piece of round dough, and they grow up to look like animals.

The can talk to your favorite characters, like Hello Kitty, her sister Mimi, or her mom and dad. Also characters like My Melody will be in the game too.

I suggest, that if you are a colorful, MMORPG virtual world fan, go here and try it out. It isn’t released yet but will be soon.

Hello Kitty Online

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Disney comes out with new VWs

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 10, 2008

For Disney, a virtual world such as “Pirates” pays dividends beyond the potential subscription revenue. It keeps fans of the movie franchise interacting with the characters and primed for the next chapter in the “Pirates” epic, be it a film, a game or merchandise.Drafting in the game’s wake is the “Disney Fairies,” set in Tinker Bell’s virtual world of Pixie Hollow. For now, players can go online to create their own fairy. Later this year, their fairy will be able to take wing in the virtual neighborhood of Neverland, which builds anticipation for the direct-to-DVD film, “Tinker Bell,” due out next fall.Also in development is a virtual world inspired by Pixar’s “Cars,” in which players create and customize cars and follow in the tire tracks of Lightning McQueen, who races in pursuit of the fictional Piston Cup.

Daily News Online Article

I absolutely LOVE Disney Fairies. The cute little flower design clothes, and leaf shoes make it so cute. As for the Pirates, it seems fun for the kind of kids who like those fighting MMORPGs. I don’t really like those, but since it’s Pirates, and Disney, it must not be that terrible.
The Cars one sounds cool for both girls and boys. Or maybe just Boys. Or maybe just Girls. Who knows?
It seems like Disney hasn’t really done anything we all hoped with Club Penguin.
I read some comments that some kids hope Disney will make even greater parties, with maybe even a Mickey Mouse ear hat as a free item. They never did any of this stuff. So far, we have had the same parties as last year, and Rockhopper’s ship crashed again. This all happened last year. The surprise party, which was a western party, free item was maracas, and the pirate penguin’s ship crashing.
Maybe the only new thing that made was the Stage.
I had to say I was disappointed. But, maybe Disney will come out and really bring the EXCITEMENT! WOO!

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Hello Kitty Online? Hopefully not another “Webkinz”

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 9, 2008

The Hello Kitty online game is currently in the final stage of development. This highly-anticipated MMORPG will provide a brand new experience for even veteran gamers, with an engaging social aspect centered on the magical and cute online world of Hello Kitty.Players will be able to roam the streets of the Flower Kingdom, London, Paris, and enjoy the beautiful landscape and architechture of Tokyo, Moscow and many other parts of the world.As members of the worldwide community of Hello Kitty World subscribers, players can also participate in mumerous puzzles and lead their own adventure through an enchanting storyline.

Players get to choose and customize their character, build their dream houses, cultivate their own farms, set up guilds, earn and spend Kitty Dollars around the vast Hello Kitty game world, and interact with their favorite Sanrio characters. The Hello Kitty online game is not only a wonderful MMORPG, it is also a great way for players to socialize with a warm and friendly community.

Hello Kitty Online

As long as it’s not another, Webkinz, the website when you buy the cute little plush animal that you can “Bring to life!” online. Way too many of those if you ask me. I can list about 5 right this second.

I have been searching around for more info on this site, and I think it sounds quite good. Searching around on The Santriotown Website

And I saw the cute characters, and read more info about it. I thought “Wow this looks cute.” But who knows if it is even Beta testing worthy. We shall see!

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Hey everyone. I am back.

Posted by doodlegurl24 on February 9, 2008

I have been neglecting my blog because of grades. I was letting my grades slip, because I would rush through my homework to go on the computer.
So, I have decided that, since report cards were out a week ago, and so far, I have at least an A in every class (So far… ) I am going to start blogging again.
Just though I would let you know. 😉

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R.I.P Gothrocker… *rolls eyes*

Posted by doodlegurl24 on January 15, 2008

Ok so here is what is going on. Someone names Gothrocker has been telling me my site stinks over and over again becuase I never edit it. Well, I am sorry to tell you gothrocker, but I have a life.

Also, now someone who is using gothrocker’s account is saying that the real Gothrocker is dead, and she is her best friend, darkcutie.

Do you think I am actually going to believe that?

Comment by Darkcutie a while ago on the page, Internet Insider.

Hey!!!Its me gothrocker!Im changing my name is darkcutie….
Doodlegurl24!!!!I got a webkinz doll for a early christmas prenst!!!!
Whats your webkinz name user???!!Btw ur site stinks because u havent pposted!!!!:( sorry… offence but….
*nods head slowly**Sorry….My name is…… darkcutie….Thats my webkinz name!And my brothers is…. skatergreenboy .

Comment by Gothrocker on the post, Merry Christmas:

who is gothrocker??Im not gothrocker…im darkcutie…aka second name, darkhotte,gothrocker died…i no i pass.

Hey u have so many hitz and i only have 687!!My site sucks..And gothrocker doesnt have a life so…thx for ur advice but i cant tell gothrocker to get a life..cus she is history she is dead!!

Don’t try and lie to me on my own site.

And it prolly isn’t very smart asking for peoples email. Especially since I didn’t want you to know my email. But now you are blocked, and I got a new one anyway. My mom doesn’t like some stranger talking to me on email thank you very much.

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New webkinz

Posted by doodlegurl24 on January 6, 2008

Now that I have more time, I am going to be psoting a little bit more. Unless I forget.
But anyways, I got the Love Frog and Turtle!

Any ideas for names?

I was thinking of naming my turtle pokey. You know, slow poke, pokey. 🙂

I don’t know a good name for a Love frog.

I went on Webkinz Insider, but no one responded to me yet.  Someone help? 😉

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Merry Christmas

Posted by doodlegurl24 on December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone.

And for everyone who keeps telling me my site sucks because I never make posts *gothrocker* It’s because I have a life.

Merry Christmas

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I made a new RP site

Posted by doodlegurl24 on December 5, 2007

I have made a new Harry Potter rp site. Follow the instructions the letter said to join. If you are a HP freak and love RP’s, then go there now!

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